Safety Equipment

SafetyEquipmentOur safety products have consistently helped our clients maintain exemplary safety records in recent years.

Britannia Oil supplies a wide range of high quality personal protective equipment, all of which meeting British and international safety standards.

We supply:

  • Head protection equipment (helmets, caps, hoods, hats, etc.)
  • Eye and face protection equipment (glasses/goggles, shields, visors, etc.)
  • Hearing protection equipment (muffs, plugs, etc.)
  • Respiratory protection equipment (Disposable, cartridge, air line, half or full face, etc.)
  • Body protection equipment (coveralls, jackets, trousers, etc.)
  • Hand protection equipment (gloves, etc.)
  • Foot protection equipment (shoes, boots, etc.)
  • Protection from falls (harness, fall arrest devices, etc.)
  • Site management equipment (signs, barriers, cones, fencing, etc.)

Apart from the provision of personal protective equipment, Britannia Oil offers a range of spill management kits for oil, chemicals and other hazardous effluence:

  • Oil spill equipment (booms, pillow, socks, pads, sheets, etc.)
  • Oil spill kits
  • Chemical spill kits (socks, rolls, booms, neutralising granules, etc.)

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