Pigging & Pipeline Products

Project ManagementThe ultimate purpose of pipeline pigging is to optimise pipeline performance and profitability.

Britannia Oil provides the global pipeline industry with a comprehensive selection of pigging products ranging from durable, cost effective cleaning tools to highly effective, leading edge corrosion management applications.

Our range of pigging products includes:

  • Batching / displacement pigs
    • Bidirectional pigs
    • Inflatable sphere pigs
  • Cleaning pigs
    • Foam pigs
    • Metal bodied pigs
    • Solid urethane pigs
  • Closures
  • Launchers and receivers
  • Pig accessories
    • Steel wire brushes
    • Urethane blades
    • Urethane cups
    • Scrapers discs
  • Pig passage indicators and signalers
  • Speciality pigs (corrosion inhibitor pigs)
  • Flange and joint testers
  • Tracking and detecting accessories

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