Pre-fabrication and assembly of piping systems

The fabrication of piping and the subsequent assembly is one of the most critical phases in plant construction. Britannia Oil has always organised these activities with the utmost care so as to ensure, through detailed planning, the availability of the right resources, equipment and machinery.

We maximise the welding during prefabrication in order to limit the time spent on this activity during assembly work; it supports its clients with feasibility and constructability studies, in planning the availability of materials in consideration of the isometric drawings issued for construction, by improving the management of materials, the efficiency and optimisation of the assembly programmes.

Britannia Oil has gained considerable experience in the techniques of handling and welding of a wide range of materials (carbon steels, LTCS, austenitic steel, duplex steel, low alloy steel, incoloy, etc.) as well as the welding of high thickness pipes up to 22mm. For these works, we are equipped with portable, technologically advanced machinery, in order to perform pipes cutting and the preparation of

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