Power Generation

Power GenerationBritannia Oil provides engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance solutions for a variety of clients across the power generation sector. Our solutions are based on either simple or combined cycle gas turbine configurations.

In simple cycle configurations the gas turbine exhaust gases are used to drive a turbine which, in turn, drives an electrical generator. In combined cycle configurations, the gas leaving the turbine is exhausted through a heat recovery steam generator. The generated steam is used to drive a steam turbine generator: Combined cycle usually increases power output by approximately 50% for the same gas/fuel consumption.

Britannia Oil provides plant engineering, procurement, construction and installation services.

Construction, installation and commissioning are carried out under the supervision of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Britannia Oil typically enters into a consortium in a project management capacity, assuming overall responsibility for the plant, with material supply and technical assistance being provided by an established OEM.

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